FAQ – Embroidery

1. What thread does Target DA use?

We use Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Thread at 122 Denier density (40 weight standard)

2. Why do we use Robison-Anton thread?

We chose to use Robison-Anton thread based on the history of excellent sew-ability, deep Pantone matched color selections, and availability of color options.

3. Why do we use polyester thread? (My other decorator uses rayon.)

We have chosen to primarily use polyester thread due to its durability, its colorfastness, its luster, and the speeds at which we are able to run it in our machines.
Many embroiders primarily use rayon thread as it has been the thread they have always used, and simply are not familiar with using polyester thread. Rayon thread has its merits, however rayon thread color will fade over time and is not color safe in chlorine.

4. How long till I see a proof? When will I see my sewout?

Sewout proofs will be provided, on average, within 48 hours of submitting a design with a PO, and any questions relating to your PO have been addressed.

5. What would delay getting my sewout? What would delay getting my proof?
Anytime we are not provided with complete information to run your order there will be a delay. We need to know what color or colors your design should be sewn in, as well as the size of the design, and placement on the garment.
If you have specific location requirements, we need to know that as well.
Also, we may require additional time to source the thread needed for your design if we do not have it on hand.

6. How will I receive my proof?
Sewout proofs are typically provided as scans of the sewn design, in the thread to be used for the production run.

7. How long will it take for my order to ship? What is your turn time? What is your production cycle?
Provided there are no outstanding issues related to receipt of goods to be decorated or any other issues related to your purchase order and your sewout proof is approved, most order less than 400 pcs, or less than 10,000 stitches per design will be produced within 4 business days after sewout approval. For orders greater than 400 pcs, or designs that have more than 10,000 stitches, additional production time may be needed.

8. Can Target DA embroider caps?
YES! We can embroider just about any piece of apparel you or your customer desires. We ask your design be no taller than 2.5” H for low-profile caps, and no more than 3” H for mid-profile caps.

9. Can you embroider scarfs or beanies, tote bags or backpacks?
YES! We have run jobs on all these noted pieces and many more. If you have specific concerns we may request a sample piece to ensure we can give you what you expect.

10. Can you embroider golf bags?
YES! We have tested our equipment for custom decorating golf bags and should not have a problem with your request.

11. How about full jacket backs, can you embroider those?
YES! We can embroider just about any piece of apparel you or your customer desires. Full jacket backs may require additional time to run as they typically are large and have an abundance of stitches.

12. Can you sew applique or patches?
Yes we can, however we do not currently off applique, or patch creation services. Once you have sourced those pieces, send the order to us and we’ll take it from there. Applique requires a .dst file specific to the design. Be sure to request the .dst file from your provider.

13. Will you digitize my design?
All embroidery designs must be digitized prior to production. We are able to handle all your digitizing needs.

14. Can I provide my own digitized files? What file format(s) will you accept?
You are welcome to provide your own digitized files. We require provided digitized files to be in a .dst format.
We will review the provided file(s) prior to production for any potential problems and will advise you of changes should they be needed.

What are some possible problems, or trouble areas that I should consider when planning to have a design embroidered?
This list will answer your question in brief:

Text smaller than 1/4 inch tall
Thin lines and fine detail
Areas that contain color gradients
Provided image size
Fabric Type
Each of the noted items are explained in greater detail below.

Text smaller than 1/4 inch tall
If you want an embroidered logo to stitch well on a variety of fabrics, you should never attempt to embroider text smaller than 1/4 inch. Following this rule, will ensure that your logo can be stitched on anything from pique to fleece. On the other hand, producing a logo with text so small it barely stitches on a nylon jacket will surely disappoint when stitched on fleece or pique.

Thin lines and fine detail
Thin lines and details can be a problem due to the fact that you need to reproduce a thin solid line with a series of very thin stitches. If you attempt to reproduce these sections with a walk stitch you will get a “dotted line effect” as each stitch enters and exits the fabric.

Areas that contain color gradients
Color gradients are easily produced in a print process, however embroidery uses distinct colors which makes it a challenge to reproduce shadows and gradients. In cases where the gradient is not a prominent part of the artwork, it may be omitted and the natural texture of the embroidery will be used as a replacement.

Provided image size
When the provided art file of a design is smaller than the actual garment decoration the art file must be re-sized. This often results in soft or fuzzy lines, and loss of design detail. Our digitizing team is then forced to make guesses as to how they think your design should look. To avoid this problem always provide art files larger than the final product.

Fabric affects how an embroidered logo looks. Nylon fabrics are relatively easy to stitch on due to the uniform nature of a woven material. Pique is usually the most challenging having a loose non-uniform knit and texture . Generally speaking it is not practical to digitize different logo’s for each fabric type. Our digitizers will attempt to enhance (or change proportions) the artwork in a manner that allows the difficult areas to be reproduced reliably.

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