Target Decorated Apparel looks forward to helping you grow your business throughout 2014!

Dear Reseller,

We hope you had a great 2013! Target Decorated Apparel is refreshed and ready for a fantastic 2014 as your preferred full service decorator. Our entire team has worked hard over the past few months and we have made changes that we know will add value to your business.

Over the past year we have gotten quite aggressive expanding our production capabilities to better service your growing demands.

Mid year 2013, we acquired U.S. Embroidery & Monogram, Inc., one of Chicagolands largest contract embroidery shops, known for its high quality embroidery services. This acquisition has grown our embroidery department to nearly 100 Tajima Heads, which, based on seasonal demand, will be running on multiple shifts. We’ve also installed a single head Permaboss Laser into our facility and have been producing fantastic appliqué projects as well as laser etched apparel and accessories.

Four new M&R manual screen-printing presses were also installed at the end of 2013 to better service your short run needs. We now have a total of six manual M&R presses on the floor. Manuals are perfect for short run projects and will help insure minimal spoilage with these types of projects. Our eight M&R automatic presses still produce the bulk of the work, but it’s been great having these six manuals on hand to produce short run, quick turn projects. All of the equipment listed above will also be staffed based on seasonal demand to run on multiple shifts. Our goal is to provide as much capacity as possible to our growing list of resellers.

As a small business owner I’m sure you know all too well the many challenges that both our state and federal government continue to impose on us all. It gets tougher and tougher every year to run a healthy profitable business with the continued tax increase and regulations.

To that end, we have reviewed and analyzed our net pricing and feel confident that we have fair and competitive price points for all of our product offerings. Our goal, as one of the top decorators in the country, is to provide you with the highest quality products in the country at fair and competitive prices. We will continue to offer our services with No Set-Up Charges on Any Quantity, Including both New and Repeat Designs, as well as Free Digitizing on all Embroidery Projects throughout 2014.


Your Target Decorated Apparel Team


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